Beetoom is not offering currently any trading or financial investment.

Legal Documents

By registration with us you agree, acknowledge and understand the content of all the documents included in this section. By using our Systems you are familiar with all the provisions of all our policies/documents.

**We strongly insist that you should read carefully these Legal Documents!


Our Products are geared (leveraged) which involves a high level or risk. Our Products are not suitable for all public. We urge you to understand the inherited risks and decide in accordance with your ability to bear such risks.
Beetom is incorporated in the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as a non-licensed International Business Company. The current applicable legislation in our country of incorporation doesn’t require any specific license in order for our Company to carry on such activities and does not prohibit in any way our Company’s ability to deal in Derivative Contracts. We follow a self-regulatory business model and we chose this structure for the liberty to design our own products.


This is our Anti Money Laundering Agreements framework. We describe the principles we follow in regards to all the flows.


This is how we manage your personal data; how we use your personal date; your rights in regards to your data. Please acknowledge.


Our Users may apply to receive various awards. Please check here the rules that govern this feature of our Products.


The Client Agreement. Please read carefully and get familiar with all the particulars concerning our Service specifications, our responsibilities, your responsibilities, warrants and covenants.


Please acknowledge our requests’ execution practices. This stands as the legal framework biding us on how we execute your requests placed via the platform.