Beetoom trading interface

Bright ideas will always depend on flawless execution! Beetoom’s team of developers and engineers succeeded in creating what we believe to be the finest WEB Based Social Trading platform at one’s disposal. It simply provides the perfect puzzle that traders need in order to make a decision!

New Way of Trading

Forget about old platforms where you are all alone in front of a Chart with no idea whether to press BUY or SELL. Trading is all about strategy, timing and finding valuable data. With Beetoom you will get the complete picture: see what are others doing in terms of trading, the latest news, the public analyses and so much more. All of this in real time!

Human Interaction

Even if you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you will instantly notice the synergy with other traders. You will love to share experiences, to check their trading strategies and see how good they are at this. So that, you can Copy Trade them if you think they are worthy of your trust !

Integrated System

Having some good features is a great thing! But having all of these features, instruments, intuitive design and an user friendly interface, this is what makes a product special! Beetoom's platform is just like a puzzle where sections like TradeBook, Openbook, News and Open Chat will definitely help you in making a complex decision

Get Access to the most
traded cryptocurrencies

Web Based

Developed using the latest technologies in terms of coding, Beetom's interface is 100% Web Based and uses more than 20 clusters spread on 7 globe zones. This will provide advantages like instant connectivity and faster price feed. As a hint of how amazing it can be: the latest simulation showed the processing time of 0.2s for 15 million open positions on 20000 instruments from 2 million online users

Adaptable on any device

In trading, you really need to be at the right place and time, but we know that our clients are not sitting in front of the computer day and night. With Beetoom, this will never be a problem! Its adaptable interface allows you to connect to your account from any device! All you need is internet access, that’s the only thing we can’t help you with

Products underlying assets


Beetoom offers a full palette of Derivative Contracts, bilateral commercial agreements concluded between Users and our Company.
Each product is based on various underlying assets, starting from energy market (natural gas, oil), agricultural market (wheat, corn), spot shares, stock market indices, and going to precious metals or currency pairs.

*Before dealing on any of our products, please carefully read the specifications of each product, as shown in the Platform.

Trading Capacities 

MTCH Capacity

Matched Principal

An investment firm is said to be trading in MTCH capacity when it conducts matched principal trading. Matched Principal Trading is defined in Level 13 as “transaction where the facilitator interposes itself between the buyer and the seller to the transaction in such a way that it is never exposed to market risk throughout the execution of the transaction, with both sides executed simultaneously”.

Therefore, firms executing in MTCH capacity should not appear as the buyer or seller in the transaction reports to reflect that such trades have not resulted in any risk positions.

For purposes of transaction reporting, the client on whose behalf the transaction was undertaken should be reported in the buyer/seller field and the venue or counterparty (e.g. CCP of the exchange) should be indicated as the corresponding seller/buyer in the transaction.

Transaction reports will need to be submitted on a market fill basis.

MTCH-X - Matched Principal Exchange Trading

A marketplace where assets (securities, commodities, etc) are traded.

The core function of MPXT is to ensure fair and orderly trading and the efficient dissemination of price information for any assets trading on that marketplace.

Assets exchange which operates in a decentralized way, i.e., without a central authority. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) allow peer-to-peer trading of the assets.

MTCH-C - Matched Principal CFD Trading

A marketplace where CFDs are matched principal traded.