Refund and Cancellation

1. The Client has the right to deposit their trading account only using the cryptocurrencies permitted.

2. The actual settlement of services is deemed to be the moment when all appropriate cryptocurrencies are credited to the Company’s account.

3. The Company holds no responsibility for the result of trading operations on the Client’s account, in case there are any delays in depositing into his account. The Client is solely responsible for any loss risks coming from possible delays in depositing funds to the Client’s trading account.

4. In the event the trading account is credited in any cryptocurrency other than the one in which the trading account is maintained, such funds are to be credited to the trading account on the basis of an internal exchange rate adopted by the Company from the crypto currency exchange serving the Company at the date of deposit.

5. When processing an internal transfer request, the Company shall use its internal cryptocurrency rates adopted by the Company from the crypto currency exchange serving the Company at the date of the transfer.

6. If the trading account cannot be credited automatically, the appropriate application will be fulfilled within 72 hours since the client’s notice on crediting the trading account is received.

7. The Client bears full responsibility for the adequacy of all the information set out in its application for the withdrawal of funds.

8. The Company has the right to refuse the Client’s request for withdrawal, if the Client uses the same crypto currency for withdrawal and depositing, but with different wallet details.

9. The Company reserves the right to deduct from the account an amount paid to the Client in compensation. Please refer to the Bonus and Awards policy.

10. In case the settlement system stops operating for some time, the Company has the right to postpone the date of withdrawal until the settlement system resumes working.

11. The Company undertakes to take any and all expedient actions to preclude any illegal operations and fraud with the employment of the Company’s resources.