4 Levels Trading

beetoom e-trading system

All good things take time, this is why we’ve implemented a 4 Levels Trading criteria, so that our clients will not skip the most important process, which is education. By going through each Level at a time, you will gain the experience and the confidence needed to maintain a stable trading activity. Higher Leverage and big deposits can be a good ideas, not until you are sure you have understood the risks and opportunities that beetoom’s e-trading system can generate. Our advice for you is to start with small steps and invest time and attention into the trading process. This way, your level of experience will always be equal with your Bitcoin investments.

  • Level 1

    Max Balance 2 BTC
    Leverage 1:50
    Pass condition: 10 total closed positions

  • Level 2

    Max Balance 6 BTC
    Leverage 1:100
    Pass Condition: 20 total closed positions

  • Level 3

    Max Balance 15 BTC
    Leverage 1:200
    Pass Condition: back office internal criteria

  • Level 4

    Max balance: unlimited
    Leverage 1:500

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